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Welcome to Cuenta Business Solutions, initiated by a group of dynamic women with engineering backgrounds and a shared passion for business. As a leading business consultancy, our focus is on providing unique solutions that harmonize digital technologies and financial expertise. With a wealth of five years of expertise, our dedicated women-led team has been positively impacting businesses through technology, effective business models, and industry best practices. Our efforts revolve around digitization, emphasizing the enhancement of value through effective automation processes. We assess all deliverables to best-in-class standards, drawing from industry benchmarks and knowledge repositories. Our expertise and passion converge here for your business's prosperity.

Why Us?

We take the time to learn about your specific needs and goals before developing methodologies that maximize ROI and long-term value. Our strategies are designed to support your growth while cultivating trusting, long-term relationships. Digitisation serves as our guiding compass, directing you toward opportunities for automation and value creation. We always deliver world-class results because we follow industry best practices. Choose us as your partner in realizing your full potential through the transformative power of customized solutions.


Our mission is to deliver innovative, cutting-edge solutions that propel businesses into the digital era. We aim to empower clients with expertise and technology, optimizing operations and fostering growth.


We envision building a world where businesses thrive with confidence, empowered by integrated solutions that simplify complexities, mitigate risks, and fuel data-driven decisions.

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Our team at Cuenta Business Solutions consists of highly qualified professionals with diverse expertise. Here are a few of our core team members:

Deepthi Das

  • As the founder of Cuenta Business Solutions, Deepthi is passionate about helping small and medium businesses excel, particularly in the finance and education domains. With an engineering background and 6 years of experience in the field, Deepthi brings valuable insights to our clients.


  • Divya is a semi-qualified Cost Accountant with extensive experience in accounting, taxation, audit, financial management, risk management, and assurance. Her expertise ensures accurate financial management for your business.


  • Aswathi is an LLB graduate with a strong hold on company law and compliance. She is actively involved in legal research in corporate law, providing valuable insights on legal matters to help protect your organization.


  • Anagha specializes in MBA finance and marketing. With a background in economics and experience in accounting, she brings a unique blend of skills to our team. Anagha excels in marketing strategies with excellent communication and problem-solving abilities.